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Hello, my name is Reva and this is my mom, MaryAnn. AKA Nana.  Nana's Landing was established in 2010, but I actually have owned this establishment since 2008.  Back then it was known as The Landing.  In 2010 I decided to change the name to honor my hero, my Mom.  My mom is the strongest woman I know.  She raised 3 daughters on her own all the while working at Shoemaker Coal mine doing The "MAD" swing shifts (midnight, afternoon, day turn . She put us through school, made sure a roof was over our head, food on the table, and clothes on our backs.  It wasn't always easy either, because back in the 80's the mines were unreliable with multiple lay offs.  But, we survived with her work ethic and strength.  She even worked with me at the local McDonald's at one point to keep up with the rent and food.  I had tried college after graduation but, back then it just wasn't for me so, she sent me to New Mexico and Colorado to her family on a year sabbatical to "find myself"! Tough love it was!  So, after a year I came back to West Virginia and landed a great job with Airborne Express that later became DHL.  After 20 years I was able to retire and in 2008 I was able to have a hand in purchasing The Landing. In 2010 I had the responsibility in taking over all operations of the bar so I decided to change the name.  My mom has taught me so much over my life time and I'm still learning from her everyday!  She brings me back to reality if I get too high on my horse(she says) and she has helped me financially to get where I am today! Because of her hard work, her work ethic, and her love she has given me I am where I am today! And that my friends is a very grateful girl that only wants to spread good deeds and positivity! So I thought it would be fitting to name my establishment after the one and only Nana. Therefore, I give you Nana's Landing! A place where you can bring your kids, pups, friends & family for some good food, cold suds, & great conversation with a football, baseball, or hockey game on the 60" flat screens! Just like home! 

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